Signed and Sealed

Our attention is focused mainly on guaranteeing highest product quality during the entire service life of our ball valves.

Every ball valve must successfully pass a number of controls and tests before leaving our factory. The experience and care of our employees, combined with regular factory, materials and procedure inspections are the guarantee for the demands our customers make on our ball valves: Maximum safety and reliability.

All ball valves from Böhmer fulfill the required national and international standards and procedure qualification tests such as DIN EN ISO 9001, API 6D (Cert. No.: 6D-0292) and API 6SS (Cert. No.: 6DSS-0014), PED (CE), EAC, CRN.

Our ball valves are certified according to up-to-date standards and regulations and excel in their operational safety and long service life.


General Certifications

Fire-Safe Ball Valves

Welding Procedure Qualification:

Certifications of our fully welded ball valves