Böhmer Burried Ball Valves

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In urban areas, densely populated industrial parks and at all places where every square meter counts and where media in underground pipe systems must be reliably shut off, our buried ball valves are in use.

Buried pipes are complex in construction and are also subject to strict regulations to protect the environment. Therefore, it must be ensured that all components remain emission-free and reliable over long periods of time. Böhmer ball valves are manufactured with experience, great know-how and high quality standards. Thanks to these ingredients, Böhmer ball valves are ideal for use in underground pipelines.

Our valves are characterized by absolute freedom from leaks, extreme longevity and low maintenance requirements. This is ensured, among other things, by the construction with fully welded seams and redundant sealing systems, which ensure that corrosive influences remain outside and the medium stays inside.

The quality of our products is backed up by all necessary certificates and the fulfillment of all standards. In this way, we simultaneously protect the environment and the interests of our customers with our products.

Gas Kugelhahn für den Erdeinbau DN 1200 mit PU-Beschichtung von Böhmer

Features of our burried Ball Valves


We spend a great deal of time and money and make considerable effort to ensure that the weld seams can withstand extreme conditions. That is the reason why our full-welded ball valves operate reliably even under high pressure. The precision design and manufacturing of all components enables safe operation at all times.


Our fully-welded ball valves offer almost no surfaces liable to corrosion. Water, dust and sand cannot penetrate the ball valve and can therefore not settle in any cracks. Corrosive influences from the outside are thus actively reduced and the service life of our ball valves is increased significantly.


All welding seams are carried out by our trained welding specialists and checked by our welding engineers. Our company is process-tested according to DIN EN ISO 3834-3729 and AD-HP 2/1 (TÜV)