Böhmer Ball Valves

Highest safety and reliability

Böhmer places this claim on its products. For 60 years now, we have been building ball valves in Sprockhövel and, since 1999, also in our Hattingen branch, which set standards in terms of quality and operational reliability.

It all started with the idea of developing a quick-acting shut-off valve for the mining industry. The success of the product quickly moved our company to expand our portfolio to include the oil, gas and district heating sectors. Today Böhmer produces ball valves for almost every application, in nominal diameters from DN 3 – 1400 (1/8 – 56 inch) and suitable for pressures up to 800 bar (and in the ANSI range up to Class 2500).

No fear of difficult media!

Whether gaseous, liquid or solid: Extreme demands are met by robust designs with highly resistant materials. Böhmer proves the absolute suitability of its ball valves through all common testing and certification procedures. It is not without reason that Böhmer products are usually cited as a reference when it comes to the performance of a quick-acting shut-off valve.

To maintain this status, we continuously invest in modernization and innovation. In our production facilities, we have one of the most modern machine parks in Germany. New materials, designs and processes are developed and extensively tested in-house. Nevertheless, we are convinced that it is ultimately the experience and commitment of our employees that make the high product quality possible. True to our motto: Our experience – your safety.

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Our History

We are proud to look back on a long company history.
On the way to becoming one of the largest ball valve manufacturers in the world, there have been several milestones worth mentioning.

A small selection of these key points can be found below.

1956 –
This is how it all started

At the time of the German economic miracle, when many entrepreneurs made the general upswing possible with a lot of courage and strength, our success story also began.

On January 1, 1956, the brothers Günter and Werner Böhmer founded Maschinenfabrik Werner Böhmer GmbH. In the beginning there was the idea to develop and produce a quick-acting closing valve for the mining industry.

The 60's –
A company develops

The durability of BÖHMER ball valves in the mining sector provided our still young company with a secure basis for the further development of our products.

Word had spread that our valves stood out from other valve systems due to their quality and safety. This led to us being asked to develop specialized valves for the hydraulics, gas and district heating sectors as well.

The technical superiority and the high quality standard already formed the foundation stone for our current position as one of the leading valve manufacturers.

The 70's –
Growth and progress

Twenty years after its foundation, Werner Böhmer Maschinenfabrik had established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the valve sector. The name Böhmer was now known for quality far beyond the borders of Germany.

Thanks to this success, it was soon too crowded in the factory hall. More production space was needed. In 1976, after 18 months of construction, Halls 2 and 3 and a new administration building were put into operation. The workforce had increased to 150 by this time.

The 80's –
A new Generation

The company’s success story continued in the 1980s. A change of guard was imminent at Böhmer. After successfully completing his studies, Dr. Thomas Böhmer took over the business from his father.

In 1983 and 1989, the production areas were expanded again. In addition to another assembly hall and additional space for test benches, we put a fully automated high-bay warehouse into operation.

The 90's –
The dawn of a new age

The nineties were years of change and modernization for our company. Böhmer had become known throughout the industry for its valves. In order to meet the growing demands of the market, new production areas had to be created.

However, the developable area at the Sprockhövel headquarters was already at its limit and our company had to look around for an additional location. In neighboring Hattingen, directly on the former site of the venerable Henrichshütte, we finally found the ideal location to continue writing our success story.

The 2000's until today -
A sign of Quality

After decades of continuous growth, the name Böhmer is known worldwide as a synonym for high-performance and, above all, safe ball valves. The family name has matured into a brand. Thanks to this development, we decided to reduce the official company title to the commonly used version.

In January 2011, the name “Böhmer GmbH” replaced the previous name “Werner Böhmer GmbH Maschinenfabrik”.

The Böhmer World –
our self-image and our principles

As a family-run company and globally operating producer of ball valves, we accept our social and corporate responsibility to the fullest extent.

From day one until today, strict compliance with legal and moral guidelines has been the immutable basis of our actions. Böhmer places the utmost importance on being a partner of integrity at all times. This applies to our customers as well as to our employees and suppliers.

This moral code is deeply rooted in the corporate culture and we consider it one of the most important factors for our success.



Our products are sometimes used in highly sensitive areas. Ensuring the protection of people and the environment is therefore an essential part of our responsibility. We act accordingly.

Precise planning and execution, care in every process step, compliance with standards and regulations are the basis of our product promise of the highest possible operational reliability.



Since its foundation, our company has stood for reliability towards customers, partners and employees as well as fairness and moral conduct. The permanent control of our integrity is just as much an integral part of Böhmer Compliance as its further development.

We always supplement our Code of Conduct with clear guidelines for ethically and legally impeccable behavior in global markets.



The daily work of our employees is the decisive factor of our success. Böhmer is proud of the performance of its workforce and the well-coordinated teams.

To secure this performance for the future, investments in our employees are a logical consequence. We offer every employee room for personal development as well as extensive training and continuing education measures.



Environmental protection is taken very seriously at BÖHMER. We strictly comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. The pursuit of reducing environmental impact is firmly rooted in our process chain and in the awareness of our employees.

In addition, we have engaged external environmental consultants to help us optimize our eco-balance. Our company is of course certified according to ISO 14001.

Our Locations

Böhmer is internationally known for its reliability and delivery reliability. The continuously growing success of our valves on the Asian market prompted us to expand our representation on the continent.

As a result, a plant in Kazakhstan was established. We prudently integrated the new plant into the community. Fears of contact were consistently countered from the outset. Mutual exchange programs, language and communication workshops quickly achieved the desired results. Today, we benefit greatly from the synergy of a homogeneous corporate culture across international borders.

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