Böhmer Ball Valve technology

One Name, one Product, one Promise!

More than 60 years ago company founder Günter Böhmer started to develop ball valves for the industry. Since then nothing has changed. The name Böhmer is now an industry-wide synonym for a single product, a single task and a single promise: ball valves, which shut off the flow of media in pipes – and that with absolute reliability!

The strict focus on the ball valve made us one of the largest manufacturers of these products. You will find only a few manufacturers worldwide, with a similar range of ball valves and applications.

No matter whether we have to handle with gases, liquids or solid mixtures, Böhmer manufactures ball valves, which are used in power plants and industrial plants, pipelines, municipal networks, machinery and equipment to withstand the highest demands on a daily basis. Our valves are reliable and safe over decades.

Carefully planned, robustly constructed, precisely manufactured. Böhmer means absolute quality from the first drawing to the final application of the nameplate.

Technologies and equipment features

As simple as the basic task of a ball valve, so different and complex are its conditions of use.
Böhmer has the appropriate technologies to offer the right solution for almost any application.

Double Isolation & Bleed
(DIB 1 & DIB 2)

The pressure relief of the cavity is made possible via a vent connection. The seat ring on the upstream and downstream side thus ensures a tight seal to the cavity in the closed position (optionally also in the open position). This allows to check the tightness of the ball valve within a pressurized pipline.

Emergency sealing

If requested, we can deliver a sealant injection system for emergency sealing of the upstream, downstream and stem seals.

Anti-Static Design

Electrically conductive connections between the inner parts of the ball valve and the body ensure that no static electricity can build up.


This design ensures fire safety according to international regulations such as BS 6755 P 2.

Anti-blowout stem

Several independent sealing systems ensure sealing of the stem. The design prevents ejection of the stem while under pressure. That means that the three seals can be replaced under full pipeline pressure in both the open and closed positions.

Trunnion-mounted ball

Trunnion-mounted balls are standard features of Böhmer ball valves with a nominal diameter of 3“ and larger. In addition, self-lubricating bearings ensure low torques even at high pressure.

Soft seals

The sealing function is ensured by sealing rings made of plastic. A multitude of available materials (PTFE, PA, PEEK, etc.) enable a wide spectrum of applications and suitability for various fluids. Ball valves with plastic seals also feature low torques.

Metal to metal seats

Metal to metal seals are especially well suited to high pressures and temperatures. They are resistant to wear and not sensitive to dirt and Sediments.


PMSS seat rings (Primary Metal Secondary Soft) are metallic seat rings with plastic inserts. The combination of metallic gaskets with elastomers allows a wide range of applications as well as high wear resistance and insensitivity to dirt.

Spring-supported seat rings

The standard design of Böhmer ball valves includes spring-supported seat rings that guarantee tight sealing even with minimal pressure in the pipeline. Thanks to the seat ring design, the seating force of the seals is supported by the pipeline pressure and the seat ring force increases proportionally to the operating pressure.

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