Custom Products

Just the way it’s needed

The Böhmer production program for ball valves is one of the broadest around the globe. We offer tried-and-tested valve solutions for a wide variety of applications, operating conditions and media requirements.

However, if we do not have the right product at hand, we are in a position to design our ball valves to your individual requirements. For this we have developed our special modular system. It enables us to accelerate processes and eliminate sources of error from the beginning.

But our real strength begins even before the first production drawing. Our expert consultants will help you to choose suitable materials and constructions, and thus find the most practical and economical product solution.

Individuality with a system

Our ball valves consist primarily of components suitable for universal use. Because of this modular design, we usually have already a tried-and-tested solution on hand for most applications. If necessary, modifications can be made to the design or it can be completely revised. And in turn, new solutions become a new addition to the system. Always true to our word:
Our experience – Your safety.

1 - Definition


In conjunction with you, our specialist consultants determine the specifications for your ball valve. More than 100,000 tried and tested models in our program form the basis in order to be able to find the most practical and, simultaneously, most economical solution.


2 - Design


The design and materials of the ball valve are matched perfectly to the application conditions specified beforehand.

In dialogue with you, this process guarantees absolute suitability of the design.


3 - Examination


The design of the ball valve is initially examined meticulously in virtual form and then using prototypes and functional models.

The various construction series are then certified in accordance with statutory requirements. Each ball valve is also subjected to a pressure and leakage test prior to delivery. 

4 - Production


Series production is based on our modern warehouse management which keeps standard components available for immediate collection. Special parts are manufactured internally or provided by exclusive suppliers. Tried-and tested assembly routines make it possible for us to maintain our high standard of delivery time reliability.

You have the choice

With Böhmer ball valves, you have the choice between a large number of different options to match the valve exactly with the required conditions of use.

Design type

Böhmer produces ball valves fully welded or with split-body housings


Modern production facilities allow us to manufacture in nominal widths up to 56 inches (DN1400)

Connection type

Böhmer ball valves are available in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards with welding ends, flanges, threaded connections.


The dimensions correspond to the common DIN and ANSI standards or your individual requirements.


Parameters such as pressure and temperature of the medium significantly determine the construction of the valve.


Our experienced technicians know the material combinations in order to shut off even critical media safely.


Optionally, we provide our fittings with various insulation or protective coatings.

Options & Features

We provide the valve with all the features that enable efficient and safe use.


Depending on the application, our ball valves are actuated with hand levers, gearboxes or automatic drives


Our products are tested according to the guidelines you demand and delivered with corresponding certificates.

We are happy to advise you!

Böhmer is proud of the high expertise of its worldwide consulting team. Just like the strong identification of every employee with the company. We support our customers with their individual requirements with our experience and competence. Böhmer has the right solution for every task.