Maximum safety and reliability

This what Böhmer requires of its products. For 60 years in Sprockhövel and since 1999 in the second plant in Hattingen, Böhmer has been manufacturing ball valves that set standards in quality and operational safety. At the beginning, there was the idea of developing a safety shutdown valve for mining. The success of this product soon prompted our company to expand its portfolio to include oil, gas and district heating.

Böhmer now manufactures ball valves for nearly every application, in sizes from DN 3 to DN 1400 (1/8″ to 56″), suitable for pressures of up to 500 bar (Class 2500).

No fear of difficult fluids

Whether gasses, liquids or solids, sturdy designs and very durable materials are used to meet extreme demands. The absolute suitability of Böhmer ball valves has been proven by all established test and certification procedures. It is no coincidence that Böhmer products are most frequently used as references when high performance of safety shutdown valves is required.

To maintain this status, we continuously invest in modernization and innovation. In our production facilities we have one of the most modern machinery in Germany. New materials, constructions and procedures are developed in house and extensively tested. Nevertheless, we are convinced that it is ultimately the experience and motivation of our employees that make the high quality of the product possible. True to our motto: Our experience – your safety.


Our History

We are proud to be able to look back on 60 years of company history.
Here are some of the milestones in this long history:

Our Principles

As a family-owned company and globally operating producer of ball valves, we fully accept our social and corporate responsibility.

From the first day until today, strict compliance with legal and moral guidelines is the undeniable basis of our actions. Böhmer attaches great importance to being an integral partner at all times. This applies to our customers as well as to our employees and suppliers.

This moral code is deeply rooted in corporate culture and we consider it one of the most important factors in our success.


Our products are sometimes used in highly sensitive areas. Ensuring the integrity of people and the environment is essential. Böhmer ball valves guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability. We know our responsibility and act accordingly.

Precise planning and execution, care in every step of the process, compliance with standards and regulations and last but not least motivated employees are the basis of our product promise of the highest possible operational safety.



Since its foundation, our company has stood for reliability towards customers, partners and employees as well as fairness and moral behavior.

The permanent control of our integrity is just as much an integral part of the Böhmer compliance as its further development.

Our Code of Conduct is always complemented by clear guidelines for ethical and legal behavior in global markets.



The daily work of our employees is the decisive factor of our success. Böhmer is proud of the performance of its workforce and the well-rehearsed teams of professionals with many years of company affiliation. To ensure this performance for the future, investing in our employees is a logical consequence.

We offer every employee room for personal development as well as extensive continuing education and training.



Environmental protection is taken very seriously at Böhmer. We strictly adhere to applicable environmental laws and regulations. The pursuit of reducing environmental impact is firmly rooted in our process chain and in the minds of our employees.

In addition, we have committed external environmental consultants who support us in optimizing our life cycle assessment. Of course, our company is certified to ISO 14001.


Our factories

led us to expand our representation on that continent. For that reason, we founded production facilities both in Kazakhstan and China.

In order to facilitate the integration of the new sites into the Böhmer group, a comprehensive program of exchange and cross training on all aspects from language to technical and production related matters was set in place from the beginning. This cooperation is permanent as we strive for continuous improvements.

So we now profit greatly from the synergy of a homogenous company culture that does not stop at international boundaries.

Main factory in Sprockhövel

Gedulderweg 95, 45549 Sprockhövel

30,000 m2 Total surface area
23,000 m2 Production surface area, office buildings and warehouses

In 1956, the main factory consisted of an 800 m² production shop. Since then, the facilities have been continually expanded and modernized. Today the factory consists of five production shops and two administrative buildings.

In addition to more than 20 fully-equipped assembly stations, modern CNC machines, welding equipment and test stations, the factory also has a fully electronic-controlled high-rise warehouse, which keeps up to 8,000 different articles permanently available.

Branch factory in Hattingen

Am Walzwerk 5, 45527 Hattingen

25,000 m2 Total surface area
17,500 m2 Production surface area, office buildings and warehouses

The branch factory in Hattingen was built on the former site of the renowned Henrichs-hütte steelworks and has been continually expanded. The seven shops were designed for efficient manufacturing of large, fully-welded ball valves from DN 500 to DN 1400.

Our ball valves are tested for tightness directly on site in specialized test stations. The international sales center has been located in an adjacent office building since the year 2000.

Branch factory in Karaganda

Republic of Kazakhstan, 100408, Кaraganda oblast, Bukhar-Zhyrau district, aul Doskey, registration block 028, building 1467, SEZ «Saryarka»

30,000 m2 Total surface area
7,500 m2 Production surface area, office buildings and warehouses

The factory in Kazakhstan is the youngest member of the Böhmer family. It is located near the capital Astana. In the factory, fully-welded ball valves are manufactured for the territory of the CIS-states. The plot of land offers enough reserve space for future expansion.

Branch factory in Kunshan

Böhmer Valves (Kunshan) Ltd.
No. 8 Dexin Road, Kunshan, 215321 Jiangsu, China

10,000 m2 Total surface area
3,500 m2 Production surface area, office buildings and warehouses

Until 2013, Böhmer manufactured split body ball valves in Shanghai for the Asian market. It soon became apparent that the existing production surface area was not large enough, but local conditions did not permit expansion. A new factory with modern equipment was therefore opened in Kunshan. The name Böhmer Valve Shanghai Ltd. was changed to Böhmer Valve Kunshan Ltd. when the new production began.

Like the „sibling factory“ in Kazakhstan, BVKL is located on a plot of land that offers enough space for the future needs of the Asian market.