Subsea ball valves

Maximum safety – even in deep sea

Underwater pipelines run at the bottom of the sea and allow a constant transport of oil and gas from the production site to the industry. The direct connection and the saving of transhipment (for example in tankers) reduces time and costs.

The temperature and pressure conditions at the seafloor as well as the increased requirements for the protection of the sea are particular challenges for pipes and fittings.

Fully welded Subsea ball valves from Böhmer are characterized by their high load capacity, freedom from leakage and maintenance-free operation. Thanks to the fully welded seams and the robust construction, they withstand extreme tensile forces. The built-in materials make them insensitive to corrosion. Thanks to these features, Böhmer ball valves are among the few valves with API6D and API6DSS certification.

For your application we deliver the ball valves with welding ends or flanges. The ball valves can be selectively switched by means of a T-lever, ROV compatible gearboxes or hydraulically.

BÖHMER ball valves are ideal for the entire spectrum of undersea applications:

  • Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM)
  • Subsea pipelines
  • Jacket Flooding Systems
  • Hot tapping Subsea
  • On- und Offshore Platforms
  • FPSO Storage Tanks
  • Special applications

In addition, we offer our ball valves with a variety of material and equipment variants.

Due to our manufacturing competence and the experience of the specialists in sales, technology and assembly, we are able to adapt our ball valves perfectly to your individual application needs.


of our Subsea ball valves


The high technical know-how and a precise production with high-quality materials guarantee a long service life of our ball valves.


Due to their well-thought-out design and the use of special material combinations, Böhmer ball valves do not need to be lubricated.


Fully welded ball valves from Böhmer can withstand high loads and tensile forces


Our ball valves are certified according to API 6D / API 6D SS.