Everywhere you need us

Ball valves from Böhmer can be found around the globe and in almost every branch of industry.

The performance of our ball valves can best be summarized as follows: Our ball valves of DN 3 – DN 1400 are used wherever rapid and safe shut-off is required. We have the right solution for almost any medium: Whether gases or liquids, suspensions or pure solids – our team of experts ensures that you have a tailor-made and proven solution.


Our Ball Valves in Action:

District Energy

Böhmer ball valves prove their reliability in daily operation in aboveground and underground district heating networks, as well as in transfer stations.



For subsea applications, we manufacture valves according to the specifications and permits of our customers and also according to API 6D SS.


Natural Gas

Böhmer ball valves are also used in gas stores where safety is particularly important, e.g. in SAE safety shut down units



Böhmer ball valves ensure safe operation of transportation and distribution pipelines for gas and oil all over the world.



Our ball valves operate reliably in pipelines (ethylene, propylene, propane, and butane) but also in the control of cracking processes


On- & Offshore

Böhmer products are in use on onshore and offshore platforms throughout the world.


Ship & Shipyards

Our products are used extensively in freighter and tanker pipelines. But Böhmer ball valves are also used in shipyards, for example, at terminals for welding equipment.


construction vehicles

Böhmer ball valves ensure reliable functioning of hydraulic and pneumatic machine components in construction and industry.


vehicle construction

Böhmer ball valves are used in the production lines and paint shops of vehicle manufacturers worldwide.



Power plants

Böhmer ball valves are in operation in all relevant sectors (gas, oil, district heating/steam, special gasses and fluid solid substances)


Crude oil

Due to their high safety and pressure resistance, our products are ideal for the extraction and transport of crude oil.



Böhmer is the specialist for hardship cases, such as the passage of overburden, viscous concrete, powdery materials, granules or pellets


Your application – our product solution

The tried-and-tested standard product solutions from our company are used in countless applications and are often used as references. But we are also strong in individual product solutions.

Thanks to our manufacturing expertise and the experience of our specialists in sales, technology and assembly, Böhmer is in a position to offer you Delivering the best customized ball valve for your application, taking into account both technical and economic aspects.

Get in touch with us, we look forward to your challenge.