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1956 - The way we started ...

Our engineering department designs, calculates and develops the Böhmer ball valves regarding duty, quality and efficiency.

The highly motivated and well-trained technical and commercial staff of our sales department can offer tailor-made ball valves fir every application.

On 1 January 1956 the brothers Günter and Werner Böhmer founded the engineering works Werner Böhmer (plc). In the beginning was the idea to develop and produce quick closing fittings for the mining industry. With a total number of 13 employees the newly founded company achieved an annual turnover of DM 430,000,-.

The reliability of Böhmer ball valves for the mining industry led to the demand of the market to develop ball valves for the hydraulic, natural gas and district heating sector too. The technical superiority and the high quality level laid the groundwork for our reputation as a leading ball valve manufacturer.

In nearly 60 years BÖHMER company has grown into a dynamic enterprise and is now one of the leading manufacturers of ball valves. To put the brand BÖHMER more into the spotlight we decided to adapt our company’s name accordingly and renamed the Maschinenfabrik Werner Böhmer GmbH as Böhmer GmbH in January 2011. The design of the production facilities and the production process according to the most modern points of view regarding efficiency and ecology are the basis for the production of economically high quality ball valves today.

More than 200 highly qualified employees continue the research and development work that started decades ago. This enables the production of different ball valve series on a commercial and production area of 25000 sq.m at the main plant and 4500 sq.m at the subsidiary plant. State of the art data systems in combination with a unit construction system support our efforts to produce special applications fast and flexible in a very short time. The production of every single part in our production facilities and a largescale stockkeeping of unmachined parts and half finished goods guarantee that we can meet our custommers' demands.

The Böhmer ball valves are synonyms for safety, quality and reliability. We are going to fulfill these demands in the future too.

Dipl.-Ing. Günter Böhmer
Managing Director
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Böhmer
Drawing made on modern CAD-work stations.