Design characteristics

Well-conceived in every detail

Carefully planned, sturdily designed and precisely manufactured. Böhmer means uncompromising quality and complete documentation from the first drawing to the final step of attaching of the nameplate.

It is by no means a coincidence that Böhmer products are usually cited as a reference when the performance of emergency shutdown valves is required. Böhmer ball valves not only fulfill international and national requirements, but surpass them.

The following features are a few of the standard design characteristics of Böhmer ball valves:

sectional drawing ball valve with Spring-supported seat rings


Spring-supported seat rings

The standard design of Böhmer ball valves includes spring-supported seat rings that guarantee tight sealing even with minimal pressure in the pipeline. Thanks to the seat ring design, the seating force of the seals is supported by the pipeline pressure and the seat ring force increases proportionally to the operating pressure.

sectional drawing of trunion mounted ball valve


Trunnion-mounted balls

Trunnion-mounted balls are standard features of Böhmer ball valves with a nominal diameter of 3“ and larger. In addition, self-lubricating bearings ensure low torques even at high pressure.

Anti-blowout stem


Anti-blowout stems

Several independent sealing systems ensure sealing of the stem. The design prevents ejection of the stem while under pressure. That means that the three seals can be replaced under full pipeline pressure in both the open and closed positions.

Video: Principle of Double Block & Bleed


Double Block & Bleed

A vent connection enables cavity pressure release. This means that the upstream and downstream seat rings ensure tight sealing of the cavity in the closed position (optionally also in the open position).
With operational pressure in the pipeline, the tightness of the ball valve can thus be tested via the cavity.

How it works: Double Piston System


Double Piston System

With this design, each of the seat rings ensures tight sealing, regardless of the pressures in the system. A redundant sealing system is thus created. There is no self-relief of the cavity in the closed position (optionally also not in the open position).

How it works: Single Piston System


Single Piston System

If inadmissible excessive pressure builds up in the cavity of the ball valve body, then the seat ring design ensures automatic pressure release into the pipeline.

Anti-Static Design

Electrically conductive connections between the inner parts of the ball valve and the body ensure that no static electricity can build up.


This design ensures fire safety according to international regulations such as API 6FA, API 607 and BS 6755 P 2.

Ball valve with emergency sealing

Emergency sealing

If requested, we can deliver a sealant injection system for emergency sealing of the upstream, downstream and stem seals.

PMSS Seat Ring

Various sealing systems

For every application, Böhmer offers the most suitable sealing system:


Soft seals

The sealing function is ensured by sealing rings made of plastic. A multitude of available materials (PTFE, PA, PEEK, etc.) enable a wide spectrum of applications and suitability for various fluids. Ball valves with plastic seals also feature low torques.

Primary metal, secondary soft seals (PMSS)

The combination of metallic seals with elastomers makes a vast number of applications possible and ensures high resistance to wear, as well as low sensitivity to dirt.

Metal to metal seals

Metal to metal seals are especially well suited to high pressures and temperatures. They are resistant to wear and not sensitive to dirt and sedimentation.

Ball valve for underground installation with set of stem extensions


Modular design principle

Accessories for Böhmer underground ball valves are designed on a modular principle.

The components parts can only be assembled in one position. The two-flat connector serves as a basis for additional extensions and attachable flanges and is always parallel to the axis of the pipeline.

In combination with the notch for the alignment pin in the square nut, the clearly defined position of the ball in every Böhmer ball valve for underground installation is always clearly visible on the top of the valve.

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