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Böhmer – A Key Resource!

Böhmer ball valves set standards throughout the world. Even the basic design of our products has been a touchstone for safety and reliability for 60 years. Our customers depend on our tried and true isolation valves and know: When top performance and absolute reliability are required, the ball valve must be from Böhmer!


Large spectrum of sizes

From small isolation valves to large valves. Böhmer ball valves are available in sizes from DN 3 to DN 1400 (1/8 - 56 inch).

High pressure levels

The rugged design and the right combination of materials ensure the absolutely hermetic seals of our ball valves, if necessary even up to PN800.

Extreme temperatures

Böhmer delivers ball valves that can transport liquid and gaseous fluids at temperatures from 180°C to +270°C. Special designs can also cope with higher temperatures.    

Excellent advice –
all over the world

Böhmer is proud of the high professional level of its worldwide consulting teams.
And also of the commitment of every employee to the company. We use our experience and competence to support our customers in coping with their individual requirements. Böhmer has a suitable solution for every task.

Maximum availability

Thanks to our tried and tested modular system, we are able to cope with any challenge in minimum time. Our intelligent production planning and fully-automatic warehousing system ensures continuous availability of all components. The efficiency of our production ensures short reaction times and reduces the costs of manufacturing ball valves. 


Long service life and maintenance-free operation

Depending on the application, our ball valves are made for proverbial eternity.  After almost 60 years of uninterrupted service, there are still some first generation ball valves in operation at some locations. Such service life ensures our customers a maximum of safety and cost-savings. 

Exceptional quality

Our attention is focused mainly on guaranteeing highest product quality during the entire service life of our ball valves. Every ball valve must successfully pass a number of controls and tests before leaving our factory. The experience and care of our employees, combined with regular factory, materials and procedure inspections are the guarantee for the demands our customers make on our ball valves: Maximum safety and reliability. All Böhmer ball valves of course fulfill all relevant national and international standards.



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