Split body ball valves

Experts for agressive fluids

Split body ball valves with flanges and welded ends

Split body ball valves up to a nominal diameter of 56 inch are a integral component part of the Böhmer product line.

Ball valves of this design are well suited for extremely abrasive and corrosive fluids.

Böhmer ball valves with two-piece or three-piece bodies are designed for easy maintenance thanks to their continually improved design.

Components or complete shutdown units can be replaced easily and efficiently.

Catalogue Split body ball valves

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Easy to maintain

Böhmer split body ball valves were designed for fast and uncomplicated maintenance. High-precision production makes it possible to replace components without any difficulty. Even complete units can be replaced efficiently and economically.


Our ball valves are designed for maximum toughness, even for coping with highly abrasive substances such as sand or cement or aggressive fluids such as gasoline or heavy crude oil. Our ball valves thus guarantee long service life and functionality.


You can order our Böhmer split body ball valves with numerous options, such as trunnion-mounted balls, spiral spring mounted seat rings or the double block and bleed function. Our ball valves can be equipped for a vast variety of applications and high pressure levels.

Group of Split body ball valves

Your application – our product solution

At Böhmer, special designs are standard.

Thanks to our production competence and the experience of the specialists in our sales, design and assembly departments, we are in a position to provide you tailor-made solutions – perfect for your application and with the shortest possible delivery dates.

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