Fully-welded ball valves

All-round dependability

Fully welded ball valve and ball valve for underground installation

Since ball valves are often subjected to extreme conditions, they must be designed so as to preclude corrosion in cracks due to forces exerted on weld seams. Böhmer ball valves are welded with full penetration through the complete cross section – flawlessly, without cracks and without any lack of fusion.

Various testing procedures are used to confirm the tightness of the entire ball valve. Furthermore, weld seams undergo visual, magnet particle, ultrasonic and – if requested – radiographic testing.

And we do not rely only on ourselves. We contract external institutions to confirm the perfection of our products. The weld seams thus comply with the legal regulations for the construction of pipelines, reservoirs, tanks and containers.

Permanent operational safety of fully-welded ball valves is the No. 1 priority for Böhmer.

Catalogue for fully welded ball valves

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Characteristics of our fully-welded ball valves


We spend a great deal of time and money and make considerable effort to ensure that the weld seams can withstand extreme conditions. That is the reason why our full-welded ball valves operate reliably even under high pressure. The precision design and manufacturing of all components enables safe operation at all times.

Weatherproof design and production

Our fully-welded ball valves offer almost no surfaces liable to corrosion. Water, dust and sand cannot penetrate the ball valve and can therefore not settle in any cracks. Corrosive influences from the outside are thus actively reduced and the service life of our ball valves is increased significantly.


In addition to their robust design in respect to internal and external influences, our ball valves provide considerable savings potential for transporting, installing and servicing ball valves. Our ball valves are thus an economical solution, especially in the long term.

Fully welded ball valve with pneumatic actuator

Your application – our product solution

At Böhmer, special designs are standard.

Thanks to our production competence and the experience of the specialists in our sales, design and assembly departments, we are in a position to provide you tailor-made solutions – perfect for your application and with the shortest possible delivery dates.


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