District heating and steam

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Ball valve for district heating

Ball valves for district heating and steam must prove their operational safety and endurance. Especially in the case of underground installation, maintenance-free operation for 30 years is the minimum requirement.

All Böhmer district heating ball valves are designed to meet this requirement.

There is a multitude of applications for district heating ball valves. From underground district heating systems to transfer stations, to in-house piping, Böhmer district heating ball valves excel in their exceptional reliability.

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Full range provider

We have built up an extensive product line for district heating in close cooperation with utility companies. Our customers thus have the best possible purchasing terms and sound solutions “from a single source”.


The components of our ball valves for underground installation are modular and combinable. That makes flexible planning possible. The design of the component parts is thought through, right down to the smallest detail, thus enabling assembly in only one position. That, in turn, guarantees that the position of the ball is always clearly evident.


The district heating program has a special status in the Böhmer product portfolio. District heating ball valves were specially conceived in cooperation with planers and end users.

Böhmer ball valves are therefore not only suitable for district heating. They are designed for it.

Sectional drawing of ball valve
Product range of ball valves for district heating and steam

Your application – our product solution

At Böhmer, special designs are standard.

Thanks to our production competence and the experience of the specialists in our sales, design and assembly departments, we are in a position to provide you tailor-made solutions – perfect for your application and with the shortest possible delivery dates.

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