In a leading position for 60 years

We are proud to be able to look back on 60 years of company history. Here are some of the milestones in this long history:


This is how everything began.  

Our success history began during the time of the German economic miracle, when many entrepreneurs with a lot of courage and energy made the economy boom.

On January 1st, 1956, the brothers Günter and Werner Böhmer founded the Maschinenfabrik Werner Böhmer GmbH. It all started with the idea of designing and manufacturing a safety shutdown valve for the mining industry.  

The 1960's

A company develops.

The durability of BÖHMER ball valves in the mining industry ensured our young company a secure basis for the further development of our products.

Word got around that the quality and safety of our valves distinguished them from other valve systems. This led to requests for us to develop specialized valves for hydraulics, gas and district heating.

The technical superiority and the high quality standard were already the cornerstone for our position as one of the leading valve manufacturers.

The 1970's

Growth and Progress

20 years after its foundation, Werner Böhmer Maschinenfabrik became a well-established address in the valve industry. The BÖHMER name was now well-known, far beyond Germany's borders.

Thanks to this success, it soon became too cramped in the factory building. More production space was needed.

In 1976, after 18 months of construction, the factory buildings 2 and 3 and a new administration building went into operation. By this time, the total number of employees had reached 150.

The 1980's

A new generation

The success story of the company continued in the 1980’s. A changing of the guard was approaching.  After successfully completing his university education, Thomas Böhmer took over the business from his father.

In 1983 and 1989 production facilities were expanded again. In addition to a further assembly shop and an additional shop for test stations, a fully automatic high-rise warehouse was put into operation.




The turn of the century

ball valves ready for shipping

The 1990's were a decade of change and modernization for our company.

Böhmer ball valves had already become well-known in various industrial branches. In order to cope with the increasing demands of the market, new production facilities had to be built.

Another building on the plot of land at our headquarters in Sprockhövel was no longer possible, so we had to look for a new building site. After a careful search, we finally found an ideal location in the neighboring city of Hattingen, directly on the former site of the venerable Henrichshütte steelworks, where we continue to write our success story.

From the year 2000 up to today

A sign of quality

After decades of continuous growth, the name Böhmer has become known throughout the world as a synonym for efficient and, above all, safe ball valves.

The surname Böhmer has become a brand-name. With this development in mind, we decided to shorten our company name to the name most commonly used.

In January 2011, the name „Böhmer GmbH“ replaced the previous name “Werner Böhmer Maschinenfabrik GmbH”.

Böhmer presently manufactures ball valves on 4 production sites: in the German factories in Hattingen and Sprockhövel, as well as in the subsidiaries Kunshan (China) and Karaganda (Kazakhstan).

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