Böhmer SSVs for gas – Safety shutdown units with DVGW approval.

„Maximum safety and reliability“ is what Böhmer requires of its products. For 60 years in Sprockhövel and since 1999 also in the second plant in Hattingen, Böhmer has been manufacturing ball valves that set standards in quality and operational safety.

With these decades of experience, Böhmer is the only German ball valve manufacturer who succeeded in earning DVGW approval for its safety shut down units in combination with Fahlke Control Systems.

A safety shutdown unit is a combination of a ball valve, actuator and controller with pneumatic comparator and pneumatic auxiliary pressure control.

The SSV safety shutdown unit ensures the following functions:

  1. The spring-loaded actuator closes the safety shutdown unit when the measured gas pressure exceeds the maximum permissible gas pressure preset in the pipeline. Closing is completed within the extremely short period of time of less than 2 seconds.

  2. The spring-loaded actuator of the safety shutdown unit keeps the valve closed as long as the measured gas pressure remains below the minimum permissible gas pressure of the Low Pilot. This prevents the safety shutdown unit from stopping in an undefined intermediate position when the safety shutdown unit starts to open.

These safety shutdown units are available in sizes from DN 25 to DN 1000 and for pressure levels according to ANSI Class 300, 400 and 600.