Ball valves for gas suppliers and network operators

Performance from start to finish

Natural gas is one of the most important sources of energy for businesses, industry and private households. Natural gas is used to heat residential buildings and business premises or is used in industry and commerce for numerous heating and firing processes.

Due to the sometimes very high working pressures, the transport, storage and handling of natural gas requires heavy-duty equipment. The demands and safety regulations are among the strictest. The ball valve is ideally suited for the control and shut-off of natural gas.

As a system supplier, Böhmer is a strong and experienced partner of the industry. Ball valves from Böhmer are used by utilities and network operators in many places, for example in pipelines or pressure and control stations.

BÖHMER offers suitable ball valves for the operation of natural gas networks, for example in:

  • Pipelines
  • Caverns and pore reservoirs
  • Spherical gas tanks
  • Distribution stations
  • Compressor stations
  • Pressure regulating stations
  • Gas mixing stations
  • Houses and commercial buildings
  • Plants
  • Special applications

In addition, we offer our ball valves with a variety of material and equipment variants.

Due to our manufacturing competence and the experience of the specialists in sales, technology and assembly, we are able to adapt our ball valves perfectly to your individual application needs.


of our ball valves for gas networks


The high technical know-how and precise production with high-quality materials ensure a long service life of our ball valves


Due to their well-thought-out design and the use of special material combinations, Böhmer ball valves do not need to be lubricated.


The design ensures fire safety in accordance with international regulations such as API 6FA, API 607 and BS 6755 P 2.

All components have been carefully matched to guarantee trouble-free operation. The SAV is delivered as a ready-to-install complete unit.

The spring-loaded actuator closes the SAE when the measured gas pressure rises above the set maximum allowable gas pressure of the pipeline.

The SAV spring-loaded actuator keeps the actuator closed when the measured gas pressure is below the minimum set pilot pressure of the low pilot. This prevents the SAE from remaining in an undefined intermediate position when starting up.

Complete shut-off of the SAV takes up to 2 seconds! A huge advantage, especially in safety-critical situations where every second counts.

Verfügbare Nennweiten
DN 80 bis DN 1200 (3" bis 48")

Verfügbare Druckstufen
ANSI Class 300 / ANSI Class 400 / ANSI Class 600 / ANSI Class 900

Technische Lieferbedingungen
DGRL 2014/68/EU, ATEX 94/9/EG, EMV 89/336/EG, MRL 98/37/EG, NSRL 73/23/EG

Our DVGW - approved safety shut-off units (SAE) serve to protect gas pipelines in accordance with DIN EN 14382 b>

Rapid shut-off

Type approvals


All switching points of the ball valve can be set
exactly to the millibar value

Total Control

Components and Features

The protective cabinet is made of stainless steel.

The control block technique is checked for absolute leak-freeness

2 redundant high pilots and 1 low pilot

Re-engaging device to arm the
High pilots under line pressure.

To set the pilots on-site, the control unit has a
internal test fixture

2 quick-vent redundant devices guarantee
fast closing time

Control components are corrosion resistant

Components and Features

The maintenance-free and watertight transmission is
completely filled with grease and extremely smooth
even at low temperatures

The resulting drive forces are absorbed
torsion-free, linear in the cylinders

The maintenance-free drive cylinders
are extremely robust thanks to the
fully welded design and nickel coating.

All piping and fittings are made
of stainless steel and are thus vor
perfectly protected from the weather

The advanced actuator ensures a safe finish
even in extreme conditions.

Power Pack

Components and Features

Fully welded ball valve according to DIN EN 14382

Upper stem seals under pressure, interchangeable
in open position and closed position

„Anti-blow-out” stem

Primary metal, secondary soft sealing (PMSS)

Floating seat rings, spring assisted

“Double Block and Bleed”

Discharge connection ½ "NPT (nominal diameter DN 500 - DN 600)

Trunnion-mounted ball

„Anti-static” Design

Component approvals


Body:TSTE 355
Welding ends:TSTE 355 / P 460
Flanges:TSTE 355 / C 22.8 / ASTM A 105
Ball:ASTM A 350 LF2 + ENP
Seat rings:ASTM A 350 LF2 + ENP
Seat ring inserts:FPM / HNBR / low temperature elastomer
O- Ringe:FPM / HNBR / low temperature elastomer

The installed ball valve is the epitome of our company principle: maximum safety and reliability