Ball valves for district Energy and steam

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District heating is the use of thermal energy, in the form of steam or hot water for the heating of living spaces and business premises. The heat energy is usually produced as a by-product of power generation in power plants (combined heat and power, CHP) or, for example, in waste incineration.

The heat output is usually converted to hot water or steam. The transport and distribution takes place with the aid of piping systems, collection stations and transfer stations. To minimize pressure losses, valves must have extremely low resistance values. To reduce operating and maintenance costs, life cycles of more than 30 years in district heating are standard.

As a system supplier for district heating ball valves, Böhmer is a strong and experienced partner of the industry. Fully welded ball valves from Böhmer impress with their low resistance values ​​and extremely long service lives. They are used on the complete route from the producer to the handover to the consumer.

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BÖHMER ball valves can be used in all areas of district heating, for example in:

  • Power plants
  • Onground and underground pipelines
  • Pressure regulating stations
  • Distribution stations
  • Special applications

In addition, we offer our ball valves with a variety of material and equipment variants.

Due to our manufacturing competence and the experience of the specialists in sales, technology and assembly, we are able to adapt our ball valves perfectly to your individual application needs.


of our Ball Valves for district heating and steam


The high technical know-how and precise production with high-quality materials ensure a long service life of our ball valves


Due to their well-thought-out design and the use of special material combinations, Böhmer ball valves do not need to be lubricated.


We offer a comprehensive delivery program for optimal purchasing conditions and sustainable solutions “from a single source”.